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Assalamualaikum wbt.

Everyday with compact schedule.
IA was awesome! Ustaz made a clear topics about jihad in every way that we as student should embed in ourselves. will share it a bit, not now.

& then tests. didn't do it well, I must blame it on me myself.
If Allah writes for me an A, but my effort is not to the standard, I shall get B. analogy.

11.6.2013 today was AGM PRM. As usual multimedia works with laptops, and stuff. Didn't go smoothly as we planned, but not a thing to be sad for. It's just technical problem and misjudgement actually. But  we learn from mistakes. and that makes us better. Cause we improve on that.

Congratulations to former and new PRM leadership. :)
Follow the Quran, surah Ali Imran : 104. and we hope we can be one of those arised..

And let there be [arising] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful.

Tomorrow still test. Ocular Pharmacology. Keep the dua's! :D



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