Father of Modern Optics

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Studying optometry, many British-Greek-Russian, such West names pop out from the books. I am waiting for any lecturers to come out with Muslim contributions for optometry. West people got all the names and glamour after they actually refer to Muslim ideas and contributions! Knowing the facts that Muslim was very great back then, at the time of Islam golden age where knowledge is so much important. So many figures that we can make them our idols and it is actually our obligation to know this people, because if we Muslim does not acknowledge this people, who else? who will? Yeah, no Nobel those days to appreciate them. 

At least we know who is the person in our field. So, for optometry, this is it. :)

Abu Ali al-Hasan ibn al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham 

Ibnu al-Haitham, or Al-Hazen in the West. He was a very great optometrist.
He was a optometrist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher! Amazing isn't it?

He was the first person to test hypotheses with verifiable experiments, developing the scientific method more than 200 years before European scholars learned of it—by reading his books.

A devout Muslim, Ibn al-Haitham believed that human beings are flawed and only God is perfect. Subhanallah! :')

To be continued...FOMO 2



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