Happiness combined sorrowness

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14 Feb 2014. exam result today.
the tranquility during exam, and during checking the result.
HE gives me this. :))
all the best dear friends.
"If you know you have no time to be wasted, you will find the right time to study."

I slpt early last night. went home after,
"Malam maulidurrasul surau plaza angsana. 

Peniaga muslim yg tidak sekadar mengejar kebendaan tp mengejar saham akhirat. 
Terbaik! Wujud orang-orang yg berusaha membaiki ummat di saat ummat sedang rosak. Yang lainnya kt plaza angsana ni, suraunya hidup dgn solat berjemaah dan kuliah agama! Nikmat sungguh org johor nih.

Dalam gambar, qasidah anak-anak istimewa(buta). Suara merdu, menusuk kalbu. Wuwu walau buta mata tp celik hati. Mata anugerah yg bernilai, boleh jd penyumbang dosa yg besar kalau tak jaga. Nauzubillah.

Eye is the window to the soul:)"

seriously the blind people had made wonderful and inspirational moves around the globe.. those disabled people had gave us tremendous feeling, if they could achieve that, why could not you?
the sahabiah, Abdullah ibn Maktum.
the Malay scholar, first blind man who managed to get pHd, Dr Ismail..(cannot recall suddenly)
the arab boy, who said he does not want to see again because he wants the blessing of Allah in akhirah due to his disability..
and now, I see the blind people in front of me. Really, Allah wants to show mw something. :'/
Optometry-primary eye care:]

1. Ulama' had been dying one by one. we had been busy focusing on our ambition, busy collecting money, untill we did not realised the gems of the world had left us. ;/
2. Syria has not cooled down yet. killings are everywhere. but poverty is there too. we ate too much, but our kids there had been dying because of no food at all. no water. nothing! what have we done for them? what will we say to Rasulullah for letting his ummah dying? :( *please keep praying*
3. Bombing everywhere in Gaza strip. Israel targetting Muslim.
4. Middle Africans partying by killing Muslims!

Can we stand this? Can we? HUHUHUHU



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