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Assalamualaikum wbt.
Yesterday was the last final paper-ocular anatomy and physiology II.
All my housemates returned home after the exam ended, started with Filz, ............... lastly was Yah.

I'm currently do not want to think about home, trying to make myselft busier so that my mind wouldn't fly to Kelantan before my body. hewhew. Also had a chance going out to Setia City with Kakmas & Ayong, sweet kakaks :)
*berangan duk rumah

Terawih-ing at Surau al-Furqan, it was full-house at surau, expected on the first night of Ramdhan. Well, good job, this is the opportunity to become bestfriend to surau. More people, the more problem we get. I'm concerning about some people are being ignorant, and only thinks about their space. The behaviour of spreading legs, talking aloud and so on, are not really appropriate and can sometimes 'butthurt' others. Ibadah is ibadah, but this taking care of others is ibadah too :)

the first night of Ramadhan at Rabi'ah. Ya Allah, witness them, the believer. They left their house and comfort just to come to show their support to Dr Morsi even tomorrow is 1 Ramadhan. May they be faithful and patient. And so do us. Amin.

A short tazkirah by Ustaz Azuhan, he said from sohih hadith,  a long hadith, I just want to stress this short reminder for us. It's one of 3 dua's by Jibril that Rasulullah SAW amiin it. 

"Celaka umat kamu wahai Muhammad, orang yang sempat bersama Ramadhan, tapi bila akhir Ramadhan berlalu, Allah tidak mengampunkan dosanya".

why are we fasting? this is the simple answer to it. click me.
it's a way of Allah, making our nafs weak, locking shaytan away just to give us some time to make us closer to Him.
Laylatul Qadr.
Raining barakah in Ramadhan.
the best.




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