shoppractical #1

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'if you know you have the syndrome of short term memory loss, you should write on the first day!" eheh.

well first day. hm. completely not ready. homesick ;')

first meeting with kak mila, my optom :). i thought she's a talkative/peramah person, just guessing over the phone when i kept calling the place.
but she's quite silent, not much talking.
and then meets with kak mai, amir.
abg naz n kak su (just a glimpse of them) for the first day.
one word i can tell is, AWKWARD with the new people, new place.
and with no one to talk to. haha
it's my second job outside though ngeeee.

the first customer came on the day!
kakmila,"jom buat refraction."
"ha? ha ok ok." without much hesitation. but haha. cehh.
kakmila is not the type to say everything in such and such, you need to ask first. hehe
kak mai, a sweet sister. "you mailah duk sini. you memang pendiam eh?"
haha. i feel like answering, "i am silent, but to new people je. i enjoy talking if the new ppl shows interest."

but kih3, i only smiled.

I will strive this! :D



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