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lectures for the first week ended. lots of new stuff, new experiences.
many to get solved : sticker, roadtax, logbook, hospital posting, labwork, presentation etc.
packed weekend too.

active at campus, but at home, why we become passive? not moving?
static with no tarbiyyah at all? - need to link with others, keeping track of tarbiyyah.
new responsibility, very hard-may Allah ease.
"everyone wants to use money, but only economy bureau finds money? hah? finding money for the sake of dakwah and programmes to be carried out smoothly is everyone's job."
"they do not understand. this is our work. together."

focus-more on study, need to work extra. people who are busy will use time wisely. practice.
no more fun. focus. focus. focus.

at lost. shocked. be prepared.



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