Academic Night

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at this time, I am supposed to do revision. 
Got to open books and start studying. Exam is just around the corner. no preparation yet! >.<
I am not eligible to give on study tips cause i am not the kind of hardworking student. huhu.

1. to believe in Allah SWT. He will give for you the best!
2. take care of the relationship with Allah SWT 
2. to seek for blessing from parents. seek for their duas. and mother's dua is mustajab. bila mak dah tak ada, kita dah hilang satu punca doa yang sangat mustajab :(
3. to help others too. during test week, lots of us do not care about others' well being. should not do that.
4. to sleep early, even when you do not finish reading.
5. to keep dua for you and friends. and family. 

these remaining days to final are very challenging. many works to do. but Allah will ease everyhting inshaAllah. others are doing their best & I should tooo!

well. stop writing & start study! :)



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