genexter and putrajaya

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full day-friday.
saturday, me and friends have to go to eye health screening at putrajaya. i dont know what institution invites us to the programme but at putrajaya, which we are located at perbadanan putrajaya and that is where......

#the last place kakdayah and my group members went to, a week before she passed away.
there was a book expo there, so we went to shop and creating memories too. :")
i remembered how she followed me, accompanied me everywhere i went, to find a book.
kakdayahhhhhh, may Allah placed you among those righteous.

#went to a hall - big people there : DR, YB KJ and UFB.
entering the hall when DR was speaking, and the seat was fully occupied exceppt in front rows. i ended up sitting in front of her, the first chair on the way out of the hall. hahah, it was also beside the wife of YB KJ, Puan Nori. she was kind though. :)

DR took her hand behind me and ask,"why are you late?" on her way out, and I was mumbling and shocked for a bit. camera lights everywhere -.-'

#nicely quoted from panels of genexter 2014;
YB KJ : you dont have to kneel down to government. government has to kneel to you, we are here to serve you. 
Nurzulaikha : if you want to be great, you dont have to wait but to start. gen Y get motivation from TRUST, they are ready to give, but first want to receive the trust 
UFB : mahasiswa perlukan kebebasan. kita tidak boleh mengongkong kebebasan mahasiswa. pemuda mudah menerima petunjuk, dan mereka mudah berubah 
En Shahrul : 5 tempat teratas yang selalu dikunjungi orang muda, semuanya adalah tempat shopping.
nice. nice. nice ^^



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