Teamwork blast

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Thanks a lot lecturers and friends.
Because every single day i learned something from you guys.

Learned to be patient, and giving hope.
May we, optometrist prosper through and through.

Alhamdulillah, presentation went well.
And had a grand meeting for final year, trying to getting the bond stronger.
Ukhuwwah, well said by madam.
Prove that you can be stronger. I want to be brave.
Getting more responsibility and expectation. Should be a way to be nearer to Allah.

Older now. Receive picture in frame. First person to wish was Fynn, and then Dayah. Thanks :))
A night before, we done a game in usrah, sahabat-to-sahabat review.
"Tegurlah sahabat dengan kasih sayang, jangan disimpan dalam hati".
And its actually left marks in my mind, thinking and muhasabah again. For what is true and what is wrong with myself. And later tomorrow, turning 22, Thinking again there were not much for what I had done, what I had contribute to Islam. :(. Comparing to sahabah, we were a lotttttt relaxed. We gave too much excuses, amd more inorganized works. Pampered much.

May Allah show us His mercy and love.

Taken from hospital sungai buloh. Towards producing saham akhirah. More and more. 



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