final year symptom

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we have come to final year---and the symptom started, yeah like a month ago.
getting busier day by day. :(

few things to ease my feelings :
- others are more busy, siang malam.
- the quote, : bernafas dalam perjuangan, final year!
- I ask Allah for strength - and Allah give me difficulties to make me strong.
- I ask for more time to finish works - and Allah give me more more more works just to have my time more meaningful-
masa yang kita beri di jalan ALLAH, itulah masa kita. orang yg banyak buang masa, dia paling sikit masa. 

syndrome homesick. every weeks seeing classmates and housemates going back to hometown.
aaaaah, be strong. 
do pray for meeeeeeeeeeeeee :)



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