Dakwah Bitstrips

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Now it's the bitstrips fever.
A cool collections of scripts of telling 'what's on your mind?' - facebook.

I am concerning about the girl's cartoon. 
Forgot to mention, bitstrips can represents ourselves in facebook. Its a self-cartoon-me, maybe thats what making everybody all excited.

But the thing is, when we customize our physical appearance into it, lots of considerations need to be done. It is due to several reasons that I think its not proper for a muslimah, for you!

1. Exposing hair clearly. Although its just a cartoon, who says a cartoon cannot make anyone imagine your hair under your scarf right now? 

2. Tight clothes. Not covering aurah at all!

This is the way of social networks try to bring down our muslimah's dignity.

I'm just sharing brother Sham doing da'wah via bitstrips. 
See, da'wah takes many ways. And why not we take this opportunity?
Building biah solehah.



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