Cinta Suci Zahrana

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Friday last week.

finished watching at ROW.
continued to sharing by Ummi about baitul muslim.

it's such a mind opening by Ummi.
I can't remember much but here goes some of it :
- if you can't understand your friends before marriage which is NOW, you will probably find it harder after marriage. For such, you are very particular about cleanliness, and really hates when roomate does not clean her space. imagine if you get that type of husband. how can you cope with him if you cannot do the same to your friend?

- mother-in-law tips. just get friendly to your relatives such as your uncle and aunt. treat them warmly and nicely. give the best hospitality when they go to your house. you respecting the elderly is the key.

- to be loved, you must love first. to everyone.

- know the crucial part of the marriage is the responsibility of the husband and wife.
the husband : nafkah, and another 2. i cant remember now. hehe
the wife : treating husband and educating the child
the wife part is important and crucial for the child growth. 
who will teach them ilmu kenal Allah beside the parents?
anak itu amanah, dan ia akan dipertanggungjawabkan.
it is not wrong for wife to work, but the obligation is to the men first because 'ibu adalah madrasah untuk anak-anak". bila ibubapa sibuk, siapa nak jaga anak?
bila hukum Allah dilanggar, tunggulah ketentuanNya.
it makes sense that crime cases increases everyday. huhu

- intention of nikah is what?
know the true purpose of it and giving the best to make it works!

does by coupling you get to know the husband? its a big NO NO NO.

i'll continue again. see ya.



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