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Everything has its bad side and good side.
I dislike it since forever, because its something that drains out the bad aura from us.
Its building egoism in us, and tell us not to lose even if we are at the wrong side.
Its like menegakkan benang yang basah.
And sometimes its making friends to leave friends. Like you are on your own.
You dont feel sorry for your friends. 

I have nothing to dislike if and only if we compete positively.
Compete but by having empathy, gratitude and helping.
Compete for good grades, but by helping each other. 
Okay lets give easy example, we have important notes from senior, and we keep it to ourself because of that competitiveness spirit. 
"Only I can get high marks"

I have nothing to regret if and only if we compete for better us.
And thats is by being together, not alone.
We muslims do not need to compete among us, but to compete with the kuffar.
Cos through competition, there's always elimination.
The good will go for the higher level, and the bad will be thrown away.
Rotten apple goes to the dustbin.
Thats what competition is, and we dont want it to happen to us, muslims.
We want everyone to become high, to become good apple, to stay and no elimination.

So lets say in our life, we compete for dean's list, and we only compete with us, and then elimination happen? The lower grades will be what then? Why not we help? Why should we compete?

Compete to be good muslim, emmm.://
I'd rather ajak daripada lawan.



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