Feeling femes?

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Assalamualaikum wbt.

What's the inside meaning of being famous? Looking from a different view. Away from the dunya, but seeing it in akhirah.

In sirah, a gentleman who was unknown and not even recognized in his own community, nobody cares about him and his family. But Allah has made him very femes in 'penduduk langit'. He is Uwais al-Qarni.

And from his story, lots of people finds strength not to focus on people's judgement but to only Allah.  He had became the inspiration and dream of mu'mineen.

Apart from the story, being someone femes is something to be proud about right? In universities life, even being surrounded by many students, and being acknowledged by lecturers is amazing...
Is that all?

Expand your view.
Imgine that if Rasulullah saw recognizes you?
And if Allah recognizes?
Hoping to.




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