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I am expected to be a doctor but I end up doing optometry.
that's what others expected, but I expect another for me.
and whats more important than Allah's expectation?

i end up giving advice to the kids at the end of the class to the kids.
which now I seem to regret it. I expect they will understand, but do I expect other than that?
do I consider that possibilities?
now I am just tawakkul to Allah, that in that one minutes, someone will understand.
probably not all, but some. and sorry kids. heh :P

do not expect what you received, you need to give out all.
consider their level, consider their understanding.
do not expect what you give, you will receive from the same person.
no, it does not happen just like that.
sometimes you give love, but you receive hate? no, you receive love in other way, other people.

do not expect now you are doing good...
because Allah has said in suratul Kahfi verse 103-104.

expect more in you.
let go your comfort zone.
stop talking. and start doing.



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